Silverlake Coffee 101

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment


If you want a table inside, get there early. Once the screenwriters/novelists hunker down, they don’t move.

Macbooks are optional; it’s really okay to bring your Vaio.

Avoid the couches, they’re ergonomic monsters.

Tip well. The baristas are good at what they do and it’s a hard job.

Smoking on the patio is NOT okay. That’s not just me saying it; in L.A., it’s the law.

Water bowls are available on the patio for your pooches.  And if it’s cold, how about bringing a blanket so Fido doesn’t have to lie on cold concrete?

Put up the umbrellas, take them down, move them around, whatever. But: Thou shalt not steal thy neighbor’s shade.

Bus your own dishes. (What, were you raised in a barn?)

Did I mention you should tip the baristas?

If you park in the lot more than 2 hours, expect the stink-eye from the attendant (and deservedly so).

There’s no password for the wi-fi and no key needed for the WC.

If you ask, the baristas give you soy milk for your coffee. No charge.

Don’t assume electrical outlets on the patio work . In or out, plug in other patron’s power cords if they ask.

Last, but not least, tip well!


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